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Transparency is not a choice on the web

We all know that for too long, businesses come up with complicated schemes to maximize unfair revenue out of their customers – none more than the notorious wireless providers. I personally loathe Sprint for their contract and overages tactics (but have no decent alternative).

The good news is, the web allows anyone who figures a way around those rules to spread them instantly. The link below was on Digg for only a few hours and had reached over 400 diggs when I saw it.


What does this mean to your web strategy? Simply that anything your customers aren’t happy about will be exposed. There are people waiting, watching and ready with an audience.

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I agree with you about Sprint. Don't like being held hostage by some of these services. What's worse trying to get in or trying to get out! Last time we met was at the first meetup you organized. Hoping to get to the Dec 5th meetup and meet all the new members.

Continue writing: Keep'um on their toes!

Posted by: Gina | Dec 1, 2006 6:18:30 PM

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