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What really drives a buying decision?

ZDNet quotes a recent survey that 53% of respondents spend 1-2 hours researching a product or service prior to making a purchase. 20% spend even longer. Does TV reach 73% of your target audience? Sure, but which channel and at which time. Do other traditional mediums reach almost three quarters of your audience? Probably not on a regular basis.

We all know the web is a viable advertising medium. But, the people who control the purse strings simply are not willing to take the risk – most likely because traditional is “safe.” No one gets fired for doing what others have done for years. Or, at least that’s what they think.

Why does a regular primetime commercial run (not the superbowl, think Survivor or ER) cost as much as a half million dollars, while the same companies’ entire annual budgets for online ad spends may be less than a million?

Tradition, it seems, carries a big premium.

Thanks for the link, Tom.

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