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We deal with ad agencies every day - some tiny, some unbelievably huge. This exposes us to lots of diverse business models and even more marketing plans. Let me assure you, that there is no silver bullet that allows you to buy sustainable attention.

But, the idea is very attractive. So attractive, that too many smart business people refuse to believe it.

While we're fortunate that most of our clients are brilliant marketers, we still meet those on a daily basis who are in charge of large budgets who are simply holding onto ideas from last century. We know this when we hear things like:

- "It's a numbers game."

- "We need traffic (attention) to get our products in front of customers: the more the better."

- "How can we convince them they need our product?"

- "How much traffic does a million dollars buy? "

Apparently, these ideas are so compelling that even those who have beaten competition by avoiding this plague are still tempted. Seth summarizes it nicely:

As soon as they start using the tactics of the other guys, playing the game they play, they become them. As soon as they decide that they can buy (not earn) attention, it all changes.

No silver bullets, no shortcuts, no guarantees. There are, however, catalysts.

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